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A big online Marketplace where you can
-give job or get your job done
-buy/sell used and new items
-freelance your expertise either you are a carpenter/electrician or anyone



Shop Portal

First you have to login to videopo app, once you are logged in, you can scroll the content of your choice in shop portal and if you find anything that attracts your eye you can contact the seller through the chat option and see if you two can reach an agreement.

All ads in videopo app now comes with google map preview option. So if you want to know where exactly the product of your choice is located, you can simply find it in google map with exact coordinates.

You have to login into Videopo  app and  in shop portal you can search it on top of the shop home page and find the product of your choice.

You can find the ads that you have posted in videopo in the My ads tab located on your shop home page. You can also find your saved ads in My Favourite tab.

One reason may be violation of rules because both buyers and sellers have to abide by the certain terms and conditions for a successful online business. Other reasons include duplicate ad, invalid price or invalid image size that is more than 1 MB.

You can go to seller description and check his ratings before buying a product

The date is always mentioned in all the ads being posted on Videopo app. So if the product is sold out seller will remove it from the store or mark it as sold out or you can chat to have more info.

Service Provider

You can check your job related info in job stats tab from menu. There you can find your job requests and other required info.

Go to Menu > Search > Category Search > choose the seller

First you have to create a profile and then you can always edit your profile info in Settings > Choose a profession

May be you are not choosing the right format that is Mp4 or file may be greater than 5 MB.

You will get a notification when someone will hire you or you can check in Menu > Notifications. Moreover you can check info about your current job in Home > As Seller.

Job Portal

Login to the app. Make an account and enter all relevant data about yourself and your skills. Go to the search bar to check new jobs and there you can apply for jobs

Videpo ables both sellers and buyers to mention their skills and demand on their profile. So, you don’t need to upload your CV

You just need to click on the current picture. Options will direct you to change the picture

You login by providing an email address and makes your account on Videpo. Once you get a job you can’t change it as a new email means a new account.

You can go to forgot password and it will direct you to reset your password and you can reset your password via mail received on your email address provided.

All skills jobs are available in Videpo which includes plumbing, electrician, or website development etc

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


You can easily boost your business up my this application


We provide you a very reliable way to manage your business and your clients


We care about the upcoming demand of business. This portal will provide new opportunities to sellers and buyers to explore more about the jobs


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